Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bonjour, mes amies! I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts because i've been quite busy with school work; no fear, I'm finally done with my first year in college! I've got a little something planned up for this little space of mine, hopefully it will push thru. 

During the weekend (specifically July 30, 2016) I got the chance to meet Lucky Blue Smith! Penshoppe had a little contest, I joined, and thankfully I won. Words cannot express how happy I am that I got to meet this golden boy; the only downside was that my allergies decided to appear (long story cut short, I had an allergic reaction from the face mask I used, boo!!) and I had to deal with a red, itchy, swollen face :---( thankfully, by the time of the meet & greet it kinda subsided, whew. 

Dunno whether to laugh or cry bc
1) I have a selfie with Lucky Blue Smith fam 2) my allergies suck :--(((

Merci beaucoup, Penshoppe! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Lucky. 

You guys, their meet and greet was the best! Luckily (hehe pun intended), I was one of the 50 people who won meet and greet passes. I went alone (and my family decided to leave me *sigh* and I end up meeting new people to fangirl with! The meet and greet was held in SM Aura in Taguig and it started at around pass 4 in the afternoon. 

Penshoppe is the best because:
a) We were allowed to give Lucky gifts
b) Individual shots!!!!! 
c) We were allowed to take selfies with Lucky using our phones 
d) We got signed posters, yahoo! 
f) The staff was super nice and accommodating no joke. By far, the best meet & greet I've been too. I asked one of them (at this point I am mentally face palming myself because I forgot to ask ate girl's name :-( boo pia) to take a video of me meeting Lucky. Thank you, kind official from Penshoppe! bless ur soul. 
g) The host for the meet & greet is the cutest, her name is Aryanna Epperson. She has the prettiest hair color :( she's lucky (ehehe pun intended) that the color fits her; she and lucky actually look cute together??? feelz man

A video posted by Pia Talja (@piataljaaa) on

(I guess it also helped that everyone was mature enough not to do anything stupid? and we were all kinda calm hahaha)

After I met Lucky, I found out you can also have other items signed??? too bad I didn't know before :--( 
After the meet & greet for the promo winners, he went down to the atrium to do like a meet-up for the fans. He basically just answered a few questions and played the drums.

I still can't believe how things are turning out for me. I've had a couple of rough days (cc: college and life in general) and I'm relieved of things are turning out. 

That height difference tho haha. He's 6"3 while I'm only 5"1. 

Still can't get over the fact that Lucky was g (like willing to do the pose) with me hahaha. Kilig mga bes!!! This is one of my PAK GANERN moments! Supermodel Lucky Blue Smith posing with me HAHAHA probably one of the highlights of this year. 

~ update: August 4, 2016; 12:21 AM ~

Grabbed this shot from Aryanna Epperson (aka the host of the event)'s snapchat account! I just realized 1) Lucky has big hands 2) jesus christ arm/hand veins (???), ugh i'm dead fam 3) I look so tiny beside him 4) I feel tiny // oh the things I realize at 12:20 ~ish~ in the morning. 5) I actually look cute in the photo (minus the face haha) 

Stay golden. 

all my love, 
pia xx

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