psa: appreciate everyone, show them you love them.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hello, as you all know I am a huge music fan; I am deeply saddened that something horrible happened to some of the kindest and most genuine artists I know. Today, I went to the mall with my mom and sister to accompany them with their errands; I got a message from my friend that there's been an incident that involved Before You Exit and Christina Grimmie. Upon opening twitter, I found out that the boys are safe but Christina was rushed to the hospital. I was in the freaking mall (where I first saw her!!!!!), reading tweets about the incident, waiting for updates, and close to losing my chill. It upsets me that someone who's kind, genuine, and loving was killed; how can someone so evil hurt someone who's so kind and pure. It hurts to know that Toby, Riley, Connor, and the fans that were present are going to experience some sort of trauma and be scarred for life, just because of a selfish bastard. It hurts that Christina's family (especially her parents and brother) lost such a beautiful person. Concerts are supposed to be a haven for artists and fans; it's supposed to be a place where people can escape reality for awhile and feel alive, not fear for their lives.

Christina, I don't know if you'll be able to read this; if ever you do, I would like to thank you for making me happy 2 years ago. I lined up for 4 hours to buy your CD, spent 8-10 hours of waiting just to see you perform and meet you. I won't ever forget that you misspelled my name (lol), covered it up with a big heart and spelled it again, correctly, thank god. When the security guys were asking me to leave, thank you for giving me a big hug (even though the guards were already rushing me hahaha). Thank you, thank you, thank you. (i'm rereading my #ChristinaGrimmieMNL post and it's messing me up :( hahaha) 

To the Mcdonough brothers, especially to Connor, thank you. Thank you for telling the fans what was happening, you saved a lot of lives. It sucks that one of the nicest people I know are going through a very rough moment in their lives. For now, we'll be your soldiers. Things are gonna get rough, take a break boys. You deserve it after everything you've been through. 

Mark Grimmie, thank you for being a hero. 

Just when I decided to give the universe a chance, it bitch slaps me and shows me how cruel the world and people can be. Harry Styles said, "It costs nothing to be nice." Although it's hard to do (because of people who constantly challenge me haha) I'll do it so that the world can be a /slightly/ better place. 

Appreciate everyone, show them you love them. Christina's death once again made me realize that life is too short and that the universe has a twisted way of reminding us about reality. Hug everyone, fangirl over artists, show them you love them. You might regret doing it, but I assure you you'll be looking back at it a year or two from that moment.

I hope someday, things will get better. The universe will be nicer and people will be kinder. I've had my share of evil and sadness in this world. I still can't get over that fact that you left the world too early.You've been robbed of the opportunity to show the world everything you can offer.

"Tell everyone you love them while you have the chance because tomorrow is never promised." -@rileymcdonough (via twitter, 11/06/2016, 5:53 PM)

rest easy, baby girl. see you in my dreams.

my condolences to mama, papa, and mark grimmie. 

all my love, 
pia xx

(i did not proofread this post so my apologies if there are any errors or such! feel free to point them out haha)
(I'll probably proofread this once the pain doesn't hurt that much, still can't get over what happened :( *sigh*)

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  1. Christina :( was so sad too when I heard the news. It was heart breaking even though I ain't a huge fan of her. The world is very fucked up :(

    The Dauntless Girl