Sunday, May 29, 2016

This post is 2 months delayed... lol. Anyway, I'm still not over 5 Seconds of Summer's concert. Despite singing the songs off-key, getting some of the lyrics wrong (sorry fam lol), and being an emotional fangirl, I enjoyed the concert! It kinda bummed me out that the concert ended early (it started at around 9-ish pm and it ended at around 10:30 pm... kinda early compared to the other concerts i've been) and that they didn't interact with the crowd that much. I wasn't really feeling the vibe of Sounds Good, Feels Good when it first came out; seeing them play it made me appreciate and feel the songs at a whole new level. (Carry On, Jet Black Heart, Waste The Night, and BASICALLY THE WHOLE FREAKING SETLIST MAN; IT WAS LIT FAM) 

ya girl with Zion 

ya girl with Zion and Vea
So... We met Vea during the concert! The three of us basically talked a lot before the concert started and the three of us got emotional when the concert began lol. 

I didn't take loads of videos during the concert cause y'know ~livin' the moment~, I just recorded audio clips. Found some of my fave moments on youtube! (i'm watching the clips while writing this post and i am officially a mess, post-concert stress) 

(they were all extra handsome during the concert im so upset and tempted to switch lanes lmao

(warning: JBH will make you emotional, I LOVE YOU MICHAEL)  

(this still makes me emotional) 

(this close to switching lanes bc jfc luke hemmings)

After the concert I was able to see an old friend, Nikki!! Haven't seen this girl for a long time :( ily ate girl!! <3 

ily Nikki!!! 
5SOS is the last concert I've been to for awhile :( I'm concert/gig deprived!! I miss hearing live music. There are a few local artists that I want to watch but their venues are a bit far from my place :( I MISS LISTENING TO LIVE MUSIC (and crying because everything is just beautiful!!!!) 

All the love, 
Pia xx

P.S: please watch Vapor (5 Seconds of Summer, Manila) on youtube, it's making me v emotional right now (too lazy to embed it here hehe, thanks fam)

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