Pia On: Opinion trolls

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pia On is another blog series i've come up with. Basically it's just me sharing my thoughts (or rants) about a certain topic. If you have a say or a little story you would like to share, email me or just comment down below. I don't bite, I swear! 

You know the feeling when you calmly and rationally attempt to explain to an adult your valid points and you end up being told "Bakit ka sumasagot sa nakakatanda? Ang bastos mo ha!" (Why are you answering back to your elders? That's rude!"), "Shut up ka nalang!!" ("Just shut up!!" ~ sorry Daniel, I had to), or "Edi wow, ikaw na magaling." Don't you get annoyed? You attempt to have a serious conversation with someone and they end up giving you a petty reply. Honestly, whenever someone replies to me in that way (or something similar), most of the time I just end up rolling my eyes, keep the side comments to myself, and awkwardly smile; it's no use to fight with them anyway, the stress is not worth it. The only downside is that there are times when I feel degraded because of it. Imagine talking about an important topic (like the recent elections, love it!!! ~feel the sarcasm, fam~), you share this opinion or thought with someone you respect a lot, and they end up telling you something similar to the examples I shared above. IT MAJORLY SUCKS, DUDE. Comments like that kinda scar a person, making him/her afraid or shy to express his/her opinion to other people. I hope people, specifically adults and fellow millennials, that having an opinion (supported by valid facts!!! don't forget to check your sources, fam) is okay!!!

It's important to voice out your opinion
- This is important, especially in college and life. Don't be afraid to raise a point, as long as you have an accurate basis of your points and valid arguments. Opinions allow people to learn more about the argument and see it's different sides. If you're afraid of being judged, screw them. At least you got a chance to share what you had in mind! (and also the prof might remember you and give you an uno or a quatro! yay college lol) 

Instead of raising your voice, raise your argument
- I've read this in someone's twitter bio once and I've pretty much took note of it. Raising your voice won't get you anywhere (maybe it will, but once you realize it, meh). RAISE YOUR ARGUMENT!!!! Raise important points, do your research, read, update yourself with current events!!!! I swear, the feeling of knowing that you were able to persuade people to side with you in a discussion (or debate) is one of the best feelings. It's nice to know how the world works + intelligence is always a turn-on lol; beauty + brains is a beautiful killer combo. Slay the world with your intelligence and style (ang hopefully nice manners). 

- MANNERS ARE IMPORTANT (and maybe a little bit of self-control). To make patol is human, to make deadma is divine. 

To the adults or ~fellow millennials~ who like to say some of the examples I mentioned above (or something similar)
- It's okay if the conversation isn't that serious or anything, but if the person is asking for a serious reply please answer seriously lol. Whenever you do that I hope you realize you indirectly dragged someone down, NOT IN A GOOD WAY. That person may feel insecure about himself/herself and may have difficulty in speaking up (or standing up for himself/herself). 

I think it's also why some people are afraid to defend themselves in certain situations? Like they're scared to tell people something because they're afraid that they are going to be ignored, mistreated, or made fun of. Ya feel me? 

All the love, 
Pia xx 

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