ALWAYS, keep your head above water

Friday, May 20, 2016

You know the feeling when you're having a great time and suddenly the universe decides to be a b...itch? No matter what you do it seems like the universe decides to be completely against you. Girl, It will always hit you when you least expect it. 

Don't let the bad vibes affect ya. I know that it's inevitable, but it's up to you if you plan to ruin or just enjoy the rest of your day. Listen to your go-to happy song, play your girl almighty playlist, wear the pair of jeans that make you feel good about yourself, read articles about the latest showbiz gossip or whatever; being kinder to people helps too! Distract yourself from the negative vibe that's dragging you down. 

Whatever is bothering you, I hope it ends; you don't deserve that dark cloud. If ever it ends, spread positive energy and give out hugs! Who knows? Maybe someone out there is having a bad day and the only way to cheer her/him up is a hug. :) 

All the love, 
Pia x

p.s: girl almighty playlist - a playlist that makes you feel powerful af 

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