Monday, February 08, 2016

This post is a bit delayed; school and errands got in the way so... désolé.  (Also, sorry for the lack of photos! Didn't take much during the concert cause you know... living in the moment haha) 

A week later I am still suffering from Post-Concert depression. I've been a low key supporter of The Vamps (I was kinda bummed that I wasn't able to attend their gig last year because I already spent my money on Ed Sheeran and One Direction haha), a big fangirl of Before You Exit, and I was starting a soft side for the Tide

So the day of the concert, my family had errands to run so I wasn't able to attend the Tide and the Vamps' meet and greet. I met up with Cheena, a girl who I met during BYE's m&g; we decided to go to the concert together since we were both watching from the general admission section. 

The two opening acts were good. Jayda Avanzado sang a bunch of songs from Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and One Direction; props to her since she was able to reach those damn notes! The second opening act was William Singe, his set was good but I didn't feel his music; it was good but it wasn't exactly my jam. During the last part of his set, he was trying to tell the crowd to stand up so most of us stood up but the ones near the stage were only sitting down... So that was awkward. I found out later that the security down there were very strict and didn't allow the crowd to jump. (security killing the concert vibe, ugh) 

When Before You Exit came out, I just lost my chill. Whenever I listen to the audios I recorded during the concert, I have this urge to cry because I finally witnessed them perform (and how offkey I sound because I sound like I'm about to tear up HAHAHAHA). I almost bawled my eyes out when they sang Soldier. 

They also performed their latest cover, Love Yourself! (goosebumps dude)

The second band that performed was The Tide. I don't have that knowledge about these guys except for the fact that Mayie adores them... so much. I knew some of their songs but I wasn't that familiar with the lyrics and all. During their set I found myself dancing along and shouting some of their lyrics which I was familiar with. They sang a cover of Shut Up and Dance and some of their original songs. You guys should listen to What You Give (you can search it on Spotify!) and Young Love! They're amazing live and I can't wait to hear the studio version of their songs. 

Last but not the least, THE VAMPS!!! By the time they performed my throat was already hurting; somehow I still managed to scream the lyrics so I think it's cool. The whole setlist was putain lit (pardon my french)!!!! I found myself being very emotional during their set; i've watched concerts wherein the artist/band thanks the fans for being there for them and all, there are some artists who don't sound genuine whenever they say that BUT WHENEVER THE VAMPS THANKED THE CROWD I FELT LIKE CRYING BECAUSE THEY SOUND SO GENUINE AND THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING WE'VE DONE FOR THEM.  (whenever I listen to Risk It All (I recorded an audio of it during the concert) I get goosebumps and tear up a bit, I'm not kidding. Imagine riding the train on the way to school (or on the way home) and hearing them sing it with so much passion, goodbye universe) + Risk It All wasn't on the setlist so everyone was freaking out when Connor started strumming the chords. 

(Guess who decided to watch this video while writing this post? Guess who's tearing up? GUESS WHO'S EMOTIONAL AT THE MOMENT? me. brb imma just cry)

Anyway, I've now developed a very soft spot for these 4 boys and I can't stop fonding over them. Their songs are now stuck in my head (specifically I Found A Girl, Can We Dance, Wake-Up, Last Night, Somebody To You, Rest Your Love, Wildheart... Who am I kidding?! The whole setlist is stuck in my head!). Thank god that I finally saw these ruggedly handsome and talented lads. Hands down to Brad and his dancing skillz, Tris and his drumming skillz, James and his guitar skillz, and well Connor for being cute and performing even though his knee hurts. 

(at this point I have to stop myself from writing about to vamps because I'd probably end up talking about what I love about them) 

I've been watching interviews of the Vamps and the Tide since last week and I can't stop. I have to thank One Direction for going on hiatus lmao, I get to fangirl over other bands while they're on break haha. 

Au revoir for now! Thanks for reading my kinda lengthy fangirl post. See y'all on March 12 for Sound Live, Feels Live Manila! 

All the love, 
Pia xx 

PS. In case you missed it, me and Mayie appeared in Before You Exit's Mall of Asia Arena video! Spot us! haha 

Update (02/04/16): Young Love is their latest single! Love the studio version of this one. 
Fun fact: Most of the live footage from the music video is from Manila! I feel very proud. xx

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