Friday, February 05, 2016

Before I officially start this post, I'd like to say THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR BEING KIND TO ME LAST WEEK!!!! I honestly don't know how I managed to survive the past week. I wasn't feeling well, I was always tired, felt lazy, and unusually unmotivated; I was able to survive another week in college despite the fact that I was not giving it my 100%. Honestly, the only thing that motivated me was the fact that 
1) Before you Exit will have a CD signing (I was 100% willing to cut my major course and line up for the signing)
 2) I'll finally be able to watch Before You Exit and watch (for the first time!!!) The Vamps, and The Tide perform. 

I was really desperate to meet the boys of Before You Exit because 
1) This is the 3rd time they're visiting the country
2) The 1st time they visited I wasn't able to go, the 2nd one was that I was a bit late in lining up so I wasn't able to join their meet and greet; you can ready about my 2nd BYE fan experience here
3) I just really want to see them and hug them (and take them home

First of all, I'd like to thank the universe for being on our side last Friday. During Friday's, I have a 3-hour major class; thank god our professor announced that we didn't have to attend his class. I woke up earlier than usual, ditched breakfast, met up with Mayie, and lined up for the CD signing. The moment the mall opened, me and Mayie ran as fast as we could HAHAHAHA by the time we reached the venue of the CD signing we were both freaking tired; it was worth it anyway because we were one of the first people in line. We were only allowed to buy 1 copy of the CD they were selling so that they'd be able to accommodate more fans, sometime later I was able to buy another copy which entitled me to have another chance to meet them. My original plan was to buy 2 CDS, line up again, meet them again, have my other copy signed, and host a blog giveaway (with the signed CD as a prize); it was kinda mine and Mayie's way of saying thank you to the universe for being kind to us. We didn't really expect a lot of people to show up for the signing (they were only accommodating 500 people for the signing), while waiting for the signing to begin we decided to check out where the end of the line is. By lunch time there were around 490+ people and there were still people who were willing to line up even though they were already pass the 500 mark! So... Instead of hosting a blog giveaway, me and Mayie decided to find a fan who won't be able to make it to the first 500 mark, give her the extra CD + signing stub we have, and give her chance to meet the boys. 
Bonjour Mayie! 
While waiting, we decided to observe the people who were still buying CDs. I asked the person selling the CDs and they said that the stubs for the signing were already out; the people who were buying the CDs (without the signing stub) were told that they can still line up for the signing but it's not sure if they'll still be accommodated. That's when we noticed Ana, the fangirl we met. Me and Mayie noticed her because she was apologizing to her friends for dragging them with her so that she can line up for the CD signing. The moment I saw her, the first thing I told Mayie was to take note of what she looked like, she was the one we were going to approach after we meet the boys. 

Not my photo, got this photo from Astroplus' facebook! 
Fast forward to the CD signing itself, I FINALLY MET THE BOYS. So I was lined up to wait for my turn to get my CD signed, security was really strict and they constantly reminded us to not ask for selfies, hugs, and whatever sort of contact so that they would be able to accommodate all the 500 fans. The first one I met was Toby, he acknowledged our presence and signed the CD. I asked him for a fist bump ( my fist was already ready at that point haha) but he ignored me; the next one was Riley, like Toby he acknowledged our presence. Once again I asked for a fist bump (and my fist was already ready... Again hahahaha) and once again I got rejected. When I was about to leave (since Connor was about to finish signing my CD) YOU GUYS, TOBY CALLED MY ATTENTION AND SIGNALLED ME THAT HE WANTED A FIST BUMP (I have a video of myself talking about this moment and I kept smiling and giggling) by that time security was telling me to hurry up HAHAHAHA sorry guys, I don't get to fist bump this guy as much as I want to so I might as well break a few rules and go for it. So there I fist bumped Toby, and Riley signalled his fist and we fist bumped, and Connor gave me a fist bump as soon as he finished signing my CD. Sorry security guys, THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!! 

Once we got out, we fangirled a bit with our new friends and decided what to do next. We talked a bit about our plans since the signing was already done, we wanted to wait for the guys to leave before we leave but we decided it would be too hectic since security was trying to clear up the area already. Me and Mayie went to find the end of the line and find Ana. Thank the heavens we found her, Mayie thought that we won't be able to find her, "buti nalang at nag tiyaga siyang pumila." We decided to surprise her, we asked her some questions; one of it was what's the number on your receipt. Once we both saw that she was pass the 500th mark, Mayie told her we have a little surprise for her. We decided to give her our extra signing stub (she already bought the CD so there was no need to give her the extra CD that we bought). Thank you Ana, you made our day. We're very happy that we found you and that you were able to send us a message after the CD signing. We're very happy that you got to meet the boys and we hope that we made your day! Let's stay in touch, okay? :) 

Once again, thank you universe for one of the best things that happened to me this year (so far) and thanks God for finally giving me the chance to meet them.

Here's a little reminder from me: When the universe is kind to you, share some of the love to the people around you. Be nice to everyone and make someone's day. That small act of kindness can make a stranger's day 10000000x better. 

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this post, the concert! 

All the love as always, 
Pia xx 

UPDATE (2/8/2016) 
Before You Exit posted a video of their time here in Manila! I spotted myself and Mayie! (thank you to kuya Astroplus videographer (?) for taking a video of us fangirling haha) This made my day xx. (Spot us 2:47-2:48, I'm the one in white who blew a weird looking flying kiss (wearing a pair of sunnies on my head cos #arte) and Mayie is the one wearing green (she's wearing a pair of glasses and she has red hair!)  

All the love, 
P x

PS: Toby smells good
PPS: Riley almost killed me when he wore that button down

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  1. I went too! OMG they're so adorable! I love them so much ♥♥♥

    The Dauntless Girl