Frosh Files x Volume 1

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bonjour! College has been keeping me busy lately. I just survived my first ever midterms and thank God I am done with it. So far, college has been nice....? It's a bit stressful once in a while especially when there are groupworks and all-nighters, but at least I survived it haha. 

Anyway, here's a new blog series I'd like to call Frosh Files! Basically, this series is about my adventures, musings, lessons (...?) and whatever topic I can think of that's related to being a *frosh. 

Days before our college orientation, I constatly reminded myself that in college you're given a chance to have a new beginning. Nobody knows you (most of the people you're about to meet don't know you), this is you're chance to come out of your shell. Everyone is as nervous as you are, this is your chance to meet new people. I became friends with my first "legit" college friend during our orientation, I was sitting alone (I was too shy to talk to my seatmate haha) so I approached the girl I knew who liked the same bands I like and asked her if it's okay that we eat lunch together hahaha. Fast forward, 1 month later we hang out a lot (in school hehe). She's a pretty cool person and we fangirl together. (love u mayie <3)

I hate my Monday and Wednesday schedule, my classes start at 8 in the morning and end at 6 in the evening. It's rush hour and all the trains and jeepneys are full, so by the time I get home I no longer have the energy to deal with homework and other not so important shit by the time I get home. Before I sleep, I plan out what homework I will be doing the next day and what homework I should start on before I sleep. That way, I won't stress myself that much when it comes to deadlines and I'll have more time to organize my thoughts. 

Ah, the joy of studying in Taft. So many nice places to visit and to eat at, au revoir money! I remember during our first day, me and my friends ate Paotsin at our school's cafeteria. (FROSH TIP: explore your school's cafeteria before going out to explore the rest of the place) The good news is that I was able to save most of my allowance since the food was cheap (and seriously good!), the bad news is that my mom doesn't want me eating it everyday since it's unhealthy. Fast forward to a month or two after the first week of classes, stress eating has become an unhealthy habit for me. I'm trying to stop eating too much because 1) I need to start saving up for the things I like and concert tickets 2) It's unhealthy to eat a lot of ~junk~ food.

I'm not a big fan of "going out" especially when it's hot,  and I have to walk from one place to another (it's extra harder when you're lugging around a kinda heavy bag). Sometimes you just have to endure it and learn to survive haha. I've always been a QC girl, so studying in the Manila side is still a bit weird for me. The good thing about exploring the place is that you'll know where to go whenever you need something. (FROSH TIP: Know where the nearest bookstore, printing shop and to go food place is. It WILL come in handy.) (Once again, thanks Mayie!) 

In high school, you're used to work with the same people, so you already know their bad and good habits especially when there's a group work. In college, you have to deal with people. You'll meet people who are super chill or strict when it comes to group works. The best you can do is to adjust. Kahit mahirap, kailangan kayanin (para sa grade woooo!) 

Since midterm week is finally over, I can finally sleep and not worry about projects or reports that are due the next day or during the weekend (for now). A long time ago, social media was a place where I can destress and talk to my friends. Now, it's a place which I constantly try to avoid since it's full of different group chats that are related to school (= MORE STRESS UGH). Today (10/10/15), I spent most of my time cooking, an activity I found quite relaxing. It is fun to just not give a single fuck about school and just watch tv, cook and eat. 

Not all professors are the same. "Know the enemy"  they're not really the ~enemy~ but you get the idea. Know how s/he grades the students. Professors have different ways in grading a student, I have and know profs who base grades on your recitation, quizzes, seatworks, attendance and etc. (FROSH TIP: Recite a lot while the lessons are still easy, that way there will be a higher chance that the prof will remember your name (and give you a high grade lol))

Self explanatory. 

Do you have college tips that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them. 

All the love, 
Pia x 

P.S: Do you like my blog's new look? 

* frosh - my school's term for college freshmen 

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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG'S NEW LOOK! Also, I'm glad that you're adjusting to college life. It can be chaotic at first but it can turn into chaotic fun!