Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Long time no post, ey? I've been very busy lately, running errands for my mom (big girl na naks). My grandmother passed away recently so I'm helping my relatives to fix some papers and stuff. Plus college is just around the corner! Aside from creeping the hashag #BenildeFroshTips on twitter, I've been talking to my blockmates. They're very lovely people and I can't wait to meet them! 

I've been dealing with a lot of drama for the past few days/weeks *cough* one direction *cough* anyway... I'm loving their new single Drag Me Down and I'm so proud of them. Congratulations to Louis for hosting the Cinderella Ball, you boys never fail to make me proud. 

I'm also stressing over what to wear to school + college school supplies. My school has a really strict dress code (parang high school lang ulit HAHAHAHA) so I need to save up money to buy cute clothes (or I can just borrow some from my mom's closet hehe). I'm a sucker for nice/cute/adorable/beautiful school supplies (bless u muji and nbs), I tend to buy stuff I don't actually need so I made a list of the important stuff I need. I have to stop looking at online catalogues so that I'd stop adding things to my wish list ugh. It's been a while since I last passed by Muji and bought some things like their pens and highlighters. I'll be saving up for their 2016 planners because they look hella rad and simple. It's easier to organize and it looks really nice! (plus points for the look!!!!) 

Basically my reaction @ everything right now
I tend to stress out over the simplest things, I guess I got that trait from my mom lol. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a post or 2 before school starts!

Feel free to send me some college related tips because I'm hella nervous but I'm also excited bye 

All the love
Pia x

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