My Favorite Things x Vol 1

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One month until school starts! I'm trying to be as productive as possible (watching different series and concerts, listening to new music, improving my photoshop skillz, reading books and fanfics while working out and being lazy) so that I won't end up regretting being lazy during the 5 months of being stress-free and school-less lol. Here are some of the things that I've been loving this month! 

1. Harry Styles falling during their first show in the North American leg of  the On The Road Again tour

Someone stop this boy from falling and tripping during their shows :(

"Physically I'm okay, emotionally I'm bruised." that's okay Harry, I'm stil here for you dork. OTRAT San Diego made me miss OTRAT Manila :(

"How many times have you watched the vine of Harry falling?"

2. Lite Racer W (Adidas, Neo Label)

These babies are my first big girl purchase! lol I don't like spending my savings for things I think that aren't worth it. I'd rather spend my money on concert tickets and merchandise (lol fangirl problems). I spent a lot of time thinking about buying a new pair of kicks lol. The shoes are so light (no joke) and it's comfy which is very nice.

3. Paper Towns - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I'm a sucker for great movies and amazing original motion picture soundtracks. I love the movie soundtrack of The Fault in our Stars (plus points for them for including Birdy and Ed in their soundtrack!) because of that I had high expectations for the Paper Towns soundtrack. I was thrilled to see that HAIM is included (plus points because I love that band especially Alana Haim!!!) I love the vibe the songs give out, I can't wait to watch the movie!

You can listen to the soundtrack here! (thank god for spotify)

4. Basic calligraphy workshop

Finally something productive! I'm a sucker for typography, calligraphy and lettering stuff. A few weeks earlier, my mom sent me an email about a basic calligraphy and brush calligraphy worshop at her office. I was torn of what to take because they're both interesting and pricey (I still haven't bought stuff for college lol) tysm Rain for advising me to take the basic calligraphy class, tysm Rain!!!! Thank you teacher Joannie of La Bella Scrittura for the interesting afternoon!

5. Person of Interest (TV Series)

I think I can thank my dad for this. There was one weekend wherein we just bummed around and watched a season (or two seasons?) of Person of Interest.

P.S: The original blog linkup of My Favorite Things is by Raisa of Little Town

All the love, 
Pia x 

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  1. HARRY PLS HAHAHA Btw, nice post! :) And I love the shoeeees ugh

    xx, The Dauntless Girl

    1. He's so clumsy HAHAHA thank god he wasn't badly injured. Thanks Ria! x