Top 5 Tuesday (VOL 1)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Hello! Top 5 Tuesday is a new blog series! 

Hello! As you all know, I love watching concerts online (via youtube), live performances are something I adore because it (sometimes or most of the time)  shows how good an artist is without the auto tune or all. It's a turn on for me if I the artist can sing good live. I love the vibe that concerts give out, especially if the crowd is good. I love it when the crowd sings along and you can see that the performer/s are amazed with what's happening around them. Anyway, these are my favorite performances. 

1. ED SHEERAN - Kiss Me / Tenerife Sea live in Manila 2015

Tenerife Sea is my favorite song from his album, Multiply. I've watched him perform this song at private gigs, concerts, radio shows, etc but I've never seen Ed this happy while performing Tenerife Sea. I was close to crying when he sang this song during the concert. (you can read about my concert experience here) The crowd was amazing, everyone was singing along even though there were times that our voices were off-key. The "Lumiere, darling..." gave me goosebumps. It's only in Manila that that happened. (I think so?) What I love about the concert was the fact that everyone was singing along. The crowd was amazing, Ed was amazing. Everything was perfect. 

A video posted by Pia Talja (@piataljaaa) on

overheard at the ed concert: "tingin mo nandyan pa si Ed?" "oo" "bakit?" "Naaamoy ko pa yung Tenerife Sea" ((THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD HAHAHA THANK YOU RANDOM PERSON))

translation: "Do you think that Ed is still there?" "yeah" "why?" " I can still smell the Tenerife Sea"

2. ONE DIRECTION - Little Things live in Manila 2015

LARRY IS REAL. Not the best crowd (sorry lol, the people in our section ((gold)) were quiet), I had fun anyway. It was my first time to watch a concert with my friends (hi Agy and Carla!) and we had the time of our lives dancing and singing along to the songs of my fave boys. During Little Things, everyone had their phones out (with the flashlight on) while swaying along to the song. Me and my friends were swaying along while shouting the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I looked forward to Niall telling the crowd "You sing!" because he looks so adorable and when the Harry told everyone to sing louder... Those were the days man.

3. PARAMORE - Misery Business at Reading 2014

I LOVE Paramore. I've been supporting this band since I was in fourth grade. I love the fact that she brings fans onstage to sing Misery Business with her. This is my favorite live performance of the song because the crowd is amazing and the dinosaur was hella cool. It kinda sucks that the golden mic didn't work :( but other than that, everything else was fantastic! 

4. HAIM - Don't Save Me at Glastonbury 2014 


5. LORDE - White Teeth Teens at Lollapalooza Chicago 2014

My girl Ella (aka Lorde) slaaaying! *insert sassy girl emoji here* Her performance at Coachella 2014 is my favorite, too bad that I can't find a HD video of her set. This one is my second favorite. 

Comment below your favorite live performances! I would love to check them out!

PS: I cried while watching the first three videos :( lol
PPS: WATCH THIS VIDEO GOOD LORD. THE GIRL IS FREAKING TALENTED, LOOK AT THE WAY CALUM LOOKS AT HER. MICHAEL LOOKS AMAZED BC THE GIRL CAN PLAY BASS. The girl is basically goals, she wins in life. Guuuurl *insert sassy emoji here* because of her 5SOS sang English Love Affair. 

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