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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Credits to Danielle Solancho for the photo!
             March 16, 2015. Four days after Ed Sheeran's concert in Manila. I'm here in my room listening to the songs he played on repeat, while suffering a bad case of post-concert depression. As I hit the play button on my ipod, the first song plays, perfectly describing my situation. "Oooh, I'm a mess right now..."

            I will never forget the moment when the lights were turned off to signal the beginning of the concert we were all waiting for. Fans started to scream and began to bring out their gadgets to video his entrance. A few moments, later he came out with his beautiful guitar and the screams in the arena intensified. The ginger jesus started to work his magic.

            Watching Ed's concerts online < Watching Ed live // Ed is a one man band. He's the only artist I know who only uses 2 mics, a loop pedal and freestyles during a live concert. This ginger managed to charm Manila in a span of 2 hours.

 "We're going to sing a lot, dance a lot, and have the time of our lives." Pretty sure that's what we all did during the concert (+ take a lot of photos and videos). 

"This is honestly, hand on heart, the best reception I've ever received, ever."

 You're welcome Ed.

A video posted by Pia Talja (@piataljaaa) on

A video posted by Pia Talja (@piataljaaa) on

The crowd was beautiful. We were singing along to his songs even though we knew we were off-key. Singing along to the guy whose tunes accompanied me during the high and low points of my (high school) life gave me a weird but nice feeling which I would cherish for a long time. Words can't describe what I was feeling while singing along to his songs during the gig. Before singing his final song for the night, Ed said "This is my first trip to the Philippines and it definitely won't be my last. This has been an amazing night." Everyone cheered and in that moment, I was sure that I was gonna line up for better tickets the next time he visits Manila. If I'm given a chance to watch him play, I won't let that chance get away. 

A video posted by Pia Talja (@piataljaaa) on

- I'm a Mess
- Lego House
- Don't / Nina
- Drunk
- Take It Back / Supersition
- Photograph
- All of the Stars
- Bloodstream
- Kiss Me / Tenerife Sea
- Thinking Out Loud
- I See Fire
- The A Team
- Give Me Love

- You Need Me / In Da Club / Fancy
- Sing

*credits to MMI Live for the set list! 

All the love, 
Pia xx

PS: Thanks Rappler for featuring my photo from Ed's gig! You can check out the article here. xx
PPS: You can check out Danielle's blog over here!

Update (05/29/16):
This post made me cringe... lol thank God I improved my writing skills haha. Anyway, you can check out Danielle's new blog here!! You can read more about her awesome concert experiences there :) (She wrote a post about Ed's concert too!! Check it out here!) 

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  1. I really wanted to go to his concert but I was too late :(( I really needed to hear Phtoograph live! It's my favorite song from him. I'm sure you had so much fun though. :)


  2. Oh my gosh. You're so lucky to here him live. ♥♥♥

    - http://thedauntlessgirl.blogspot.com/