Life Lately x Sembreak

Monday, November 03, 2014

Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm back but not for good. *cue booing sounds* I know I promised to post more since all of the big stuff are almost over and sembreak is just around the corner. Guess what? School decided to flood us with homework, loads of homework. Spent almost 3/4 of the sembreak bumming around, catching up with everything and reading our book reports.
Just thinking about school gives me a headache... Ugh. Anyway, I'd rather talk about the good things that happened to me! 

+ Our class won the dance production (yay!!!!) - the dance production is one of the highlights of the school year. Per year level we have a theme and per class has to come up with a dance + choreography, we have to teach ourselves the dance. We didn't expect to win at all, seeing that the dances of the other sections were well-polished and executed well. Kudos to my classmates, especially to Becca and Kim for being VERY patient with the class (lol)

+ The first time that I was able to open my eyes! No joke, something scarred my cornea (on my right eye) and the pain was no joke. We went to the ER to have it checked but they forgot to do some procedures so basically I was blind for 1 1/2 days, it sucks so much. It was very painful and I don't want to repeat it. We decided to visit the ophthalmologist (that my family usually visits) and there we found out that if the right procedure was done, I would have been able to see properly again within 24 hours. Ohwell, I was so happy when I was able to open both of my eyes without feeling pain or anything. 

+ SHOPPING!! It's been awhile since I last bought stuff for myself... So yay! 

+ Good music - enough said. 

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