Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hello to the lovely people of the internet! Long time no decent post ey? I got the chance to meet the amazing Christina Grimmie! Incase you guys are not familiar with her here are some videos of her singing. (FYI, she was on The Voice and her coach was Adam Levine) Read about my fan experience down the cut! 

I got the chance to meet THE Christina Grimmie last October 5 during her last mall show here in the Philippines. I didn't really plan going to the concert since 1) HARDCORE FANGIRLS GO EARLY 2) I'm saving up for 2K15 concerts, but my friend Michelle was able to convince me to come so that's how I ended up going to the concert.

The last fan event I attended to was BYE's m&g (lol I didn't even meet them - read my post about it here) and people started lining up there at around 8-ish in the morning, THE MALL OPENS AT 9 BC OF THE SUNDAY MASS. After that event, well... Let's just say that I'm scared of getting my hopes up.  I had a hard time convincing myself that going to the mall early will be worth it because I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who wants to meet her so bad, I decided to go and just pray that the odds are in my favor. 

We arrived at the mall at least 2 hours before it even opened so we had to wait, A LOT. What we didn't know is that there were also other fans who were already outside the mall hours before us. We had to line up for 4 hours and patiently wait for the first 100 to buy the CDs. Our efforts of going to the mall early paid off and we were one of the lucky ones. I'm not going to bore you with the details of how we survived the whole thing (9-10 hours of waiting in line, wow #stayingstrong) but tyg for (new) friends because of them staying in line was not so boring hahaha. Here are some of the photos I took during Christina' s concert, sorry that the photos are blurry, I only used my iTouch.

She looks so adorable here haha

After the show, we sat down for sometime while waiting for the host to call the people who got CD signing stubs.

But first... Lemme take a selfie! (Pre- CD signing selfie and post-concert selfie haha) 

After hours of staying in line and a very energetic concert, THE TIME HAS COME. The ones who got the meet and greet stubs went on first and while they were busy meeting Christina we were seated at a corner thinking of what to say to Christina HAHAHA.

Thank you MMI for the photo! x 
When it was my turn to meet Christina I told her hi and told her that the concert was amazing. (I gave her thumbs up because I didn't know how to tell her properly HAHAHA I had a hard time describing what I felt while watching her perform) After signing my cd, the bouncer (or security guy whatever) tried to signal me to go down the stage. I asked Christina if she can sign my name beside her signature and we had a pretty funny conversation. 

"Can you sign my name please?" "Sure! What's your name?" "Pia!" "What? Mia?" *starts writing M* "No, it's Pia!" "Oh I'm sorry, *shades the M and draws a big heart* "Now there's a big heart! *signs Pia with a heart*" "Thank you so much! Can I have a hug?" *hugs me* "Thank You! Bye!"

Christina was very sweet and all, I don't know how to properly describe it but it was amazing. I'm so proud of her achievements, I remember watching her covers (4 years ago, I think) and wow, it's amazing really amazing. I never ever imagined that I would be able to meet one of the people I've always admired. She promised that she would return here, she loves the crowd here in Manila. Christina deserves all the love, blessings and achievements that she's receiving right now, I can't believe that someone from youtube (who started doing covers years ago) was able to make it this big. I look forward to her future projects and everything else in between.

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  1. I've seen pictures all over my twitter, didn't know you went! Hope you had fun, it looks really fun. <3