Liebster Award 2.0

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thank you so much to Alicia for nominating me! You can check out her blog here. (she has good music taste I s2g) 

The rules of the award: 

- Post eleven facts about yourself
- Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
- Create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees
- Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in this post
- Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!

//  11 f a c t s  a b o u t  m e  //

/ I have this notebook wherein I doodle ootd ideas or clothes that I want or need /
/ Concerts motivate me to do my best in school (my academics kinda motivate me too) /
/ I recently made my own bamboo speaker /
/The 5 things that are always in my pocket: wallet, hanky, EOS, safety pins and a small binder clip /
/ I rarely use my cellphone, if you need to contact me it's either you tweet me or send me an email (or maybe message me over at facebook lol) /
/ green tea > /
/ I'm still not used to sleeping late to finish my school work. If I try to continue my school work (especially if I'm already tired or sleepy) I tend to submit a very sloppy report /
/ I can't sleep until all my things are in order / 
/ I hate it when the things I love go mainstream /
/ twitter > facebook /
/ I hate it when people try too hard to impress someone like seriously just stop bruh / 

// 11 q u e s t i o n s  & a n s w e r s //

What is blogging to you? 
- Blogging is a way to meet new people and communicate with them. It is also a way to express yourself 

How long have you been blogging?
- I've been blogging for 9 months :)

What motivates you every morning? 
- Concert tickets and graduation (yay)

Name your top three hobbies.
- Eat, sleep rave and repeat... Kidding! Reading fanfics/books, sleeping and hanging out at coffee shops

Favorite type of coffee.
- I don't have a specific favorite hehe, I only drink coffee once in a while.

Hangout place. 
- Probably my room, the mall, some comfy place (a quiet coffee shop), or the library at my mom's office.

Girl crush. 
- Aye aye that's hard :( Camie Juan, Emma Watson, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart (they're the only ones I can remember HAHAHA)

How do you balance social networks & school?
- I discipline myself to only use social media when I'm half-way done and when I'm done :) 

What catches your attention in a mall? 
- Very nice clothes, shoes and gorgeous backgrounds and walls.

What is your favorite book? 
- I really like Divergent, FOUR, If I Stay and Looking for Alaska

If you are one of the most idolized bloggers, how can you use your popularity for a change in the community? 
- I would love to support and raise funds for a certain charity or raise awareness for a certain disease. 

// 11 q u e s t i o n s  f o r  y o u  t o  a n s w e r //

1- If you were given 10 days to visit 5 countries, what countries would you visit? 
2 - Favorite Japanese dish? 
3 - If you were allowed to dye your hair with any color, what color would it be? 
4 - Last film you watched?
5 - Printed prints or basic designs?
6 - If you were given a chance to rent any place for a day, what would you rent? 
7 - Are acoustic versions of songs better than the original version? 
8 - Thing that you wish that would not be mainstream.
9 - Music festival/concert that you would like to attend and why. 
10 - Favorite mythological creature and why. 
11 - Favorite antagonist and why. 

I'm tagging all of you lovely people! I would love to know more about you guys :) x

PS: I'm so sorry for being inactive :( x 

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