The little things that made me happy (and a new playlist down the cut!)

Friday, July 04, 2014

I believe that it's the little that brighten up someone's day. These little things may be simple but they are the ones that usually make your day a whole lot better. That little thing may be that new quote you found online that inspired you to do better or maybe it's that small random act of kindness that made your bad day bearable. My point now is that these little things often go unnoticed since we give more attention to the big things. We live in a fast-paced world, there are days where everything we do feels like a chore. We wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, go to school (or work) for 8 hours them come home and sleep and once again repeat the cycle. Sometimes we need to breathe in slow down and just enjoy the show. 

I'm very sorry for not posting anything for like 3 weeks. The college application forms are slowly coming out and our teachers are already flooding us with loads of requirements & quizzes (I'm not complaining though!). It's been a busy week and I am so happy that I found some time to blog! I am so blessed that despite the fact that I've been busy and a bit stressful for the past 3 weeks that there are things that never fail to make my day/week happier and less stressful. 

♡ Finally had a chance to visit a coffee shop once again (specifically Starbucks haha)! I missed the smell of coffee and the comfort that the coffee shop gives me. ♡

♡ I finished reading The Little Prince! I was not really interested in it when I first read it because it was a children's book for crying out loud! But thanks to a few class discussions and a little research I learned to love and appreciate the story of the Little Prince. ♡

♡ I got a 19/20 in my elective! I am so bad at doing impromptu explanations and thank God that my teacher gave me a nice score! We were supposed to explain this quote that we made in front of the class and since it was impromptu I wasn't able to organize my thoughts that much. Note to self: always prepare a guide for the important points. ♡

♡ Finally a 5SOS album! 'Nuff said. ♡

♡ Woke up early for the 5 Seconds of Summer livestream! It was worth it, it kinda motivated me to go to school (well done 5SOS!) ♡

♡ 5SOS announced that their new single will be Amnesia! The lyric video is so nice, I look forward to the music video so so much ♡

♡ I adopted 2 kittens! Someone left them near our gate and they looked so adorable so we decided to take care of them. They're both pure white, one has pure blue eyes and the other one has blue/gray eyes. They've gotten quite bigger and they're very playful now! My dog plays the ate (older sister in filipino) role and she is very into it haha. ♡

BLOG GIVEAWAY soon. I've always wanted to host a blog giveaway, now that's one thing nearly off my bucketlist. Watch out! (hint: bands) ♡

♡ I got my school ID lol. It looks like that I just woke up hahaha. My final year in high school and I still look like crap in my ID picture. :P ♡

♡♡ My friends & classmates who never fail to make me laugh or smile. Tysm ily all xx ♡♡

♡♡ my ohana ♡

I made a playlist, hope you guys check it out xx 

                                                     After school chill vibes from piataljaaa on 8tracks Radio.

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