The Senior Files x Volume 1

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Its been a crazy week! I'm so happy that I finally got the time to write and relax (for a bit hehe)

Hello! It's been awhile since I last opened this blog. I'm officially a high school senior!!!!! Our first day back in school was crazy! It was so nice to catch up with my friends and classmates. I rarely spend time online nowadays, it's either I just chill or I'm not allowed to hahaha. Before school started I joined a giveaway and the prize is a BDJ Campus Planner. I didn't really expect to win because the other people who entered gave more reasonable reasons on why they deserved to win the planner. I arrived home a bit early on the 2nd day so I decided to go online and check some of my social media accounts. I was shocked when I opened my Instagram account because I got a notification from Ina Ongsiako saying that I won the giveaway. 

Here is the BDJ Campus Planner that I won! Thank you so much ate Ina (Ongsiako) and Belle De Jour! x 

I don't wanna bore you with the details on how I fangirled hahaha. I am currently enjoying school... So far. Hopefully I wouldn't lose the motivation to go to school and to study. Its fun to catch-up and goof around with my friends since we don't have lessons yet. Most of the teachers will start their 'lesson proper' on Monday so we still have time to chill. I just finished reading "Confessions Of a Murder Suspect" by James Patterson. I loved the book and 'plot twist' (spoiler alert oops) I'm going to write a short review about it and probably create a playlist or two so stay tuned! I'm so excited to see and experience what is in store for me! I look forward to the sleepless nights, hot chocolate and free (cold) coffees!

PS: The Senior Files is a new thing that would probably appear a lot of times here. These posts will most likely contain stuff or events that are school related. Its in my school year bucket to make more memories (with my friends/classmates), take loads of photos and blog more lol. Love lots! x 

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