The Sunday Currently x Vol 5

Monday, June 02, 2014

8 days before school year 2014-2015 officially starts. I'm pretty excited to go to school since I'm gonna see my friends again (YAY) and I'm already a senior (double yay)! 1 more year then I'm off to college/uni/whatever you call it haha. 


{ Reading } - A bunch of fanfics, a book about the late Princess Diana of Wales (entitled After Diana), If I Stay by Gayle Forman and El Fili (by Jose Rizal) 

{ Writing } - this blog post! 

{ Listening } - This playlist I made earlier which includes songs from Bon Iver, 5SOS, BYE, Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

{ Thinking } - About school and this 'Santa Cruz' tank top I saw online, I wanna buy one!! (Calum owns a tank top like that so the fangirl in me is tempted to buy one)

{ Smelling } - My hair hahaha it smells so gooooood 

{ Wishing } - For loads of luck and some money (y'know for concerts and merch hahaha)

{ Hoping } - for a great and stress free school year (obviously impossible)

 { Wearing } - A tank top and my comfy pjs ; lazy day haha

{ Loving } - Before You Exit's latest video (How To Train Your Brother) they motivated me to work out :-( :-( :-( hahaha. Sml for the boys <3 haha.

{ Wanting } - time, more time :-) I don't want summer to end yet! 

{ Needing } - love! Kidding I'm currently craving for tacos, burritos and milk tea :-( 

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