My OTP (kinda) Broke Up

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

                                       “ The world moved too fast and burned too bright”

How could someone just move on and find someone else in a short span of time, I don't get it. You see the both of them very happy and obviously in love, the next thing you know is that they just... Sorta... Faded away. You start to wonder what happened to the happy couple that you were so engrossed with, the one you loved so much. You try to search for proof that they're still together but so far, no luck. Then these thoughts begin to flood your head. You try to deny it but deep inside you can't help but believe in them. You wanted to prove to yourself that this is all just a joke, that everything is just something that would be over the next day, but no. The next thing you know is that you're staring at their pictures, denying to your self that this is actually happening. “Hold on” but you don't actually know what to hang on to. This is reality, you have to face it whether you like it or not. Not everything in life will be in your favor. You try to find comfort in your fantasies but the moment you do find comfort, reality decides to give you a bitch slap. Then it hits you, it's all over. Your opinions and words won't matter, I'm just one of them. You know that you're not alone, but you just can't help but feel alone. There is something inside you that believes that they'll still get back together, that they'll get through this. But there is this little voice in your head that tells you not to expect too much. What happened to “I will forever love you... Even if the whole world is against it?” has forever reached its limit?

You're still in denial they're over. You listen to the songs that you usually listen to to cheer you up, but then you start to understand the message of the song. One is about someone who is desperately trying to find love, one is about a guy expressing his love to her, one song tells about how a beautiful and almost perfect relationship ended. The list just goes on and on. Suddenly, everything is about them. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, it always finds a way to somehow remind you of the painful reality that you have to face. The moment when dreams start to come true, things suddenly take a twist.

It's weird to think that in this very moment someone's having the time of his/her life, someone's experiencing those butterflies because s/he's with someone special, while someone else is experience the pain of having his/her heart broken. Life doesn't stop for anyone. You have to learn to get up and continue whatever you're doing. Things may seem dark right now, but there are stars that will help find the path to recovery. Follow your heart and fight for your happiness before its to late. :-)

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