Fanmix Yourself

Saturday, May 10, 2014

While cleaning up my camera roll, I found this 'fanmix yourself' list. I've decided to make my version of the playlist :) hehe hope you enjoy it! 

                                                   Summertime Sadness // Lana Del Rey {Listen to it here}
                                                  People Help The People // Birdy {Listen to it here}
                                       Someday We'll Know // Mandy Moore ft Jonathan Foreman {Listen to it here}
                                                                 Gangnam Style // Psy {Listen to it here}
                                                           Titanium // David Guetta ft Sia {Listen to it here}
                                                                 Skinny Love // Birdy {Listen to it here}
                                                                  Fix You // Coldplay {Listen to it here}
                                                             Your Universe // Rico Blanco {Listen to it here}
                                                             Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran {Listen to it here}
                                                     Ang Huling El Bimbo // Eraserheads {Listen to it here}
                                                 Sweater Weather // Alyson Stoner (Cover) {Listen to it here}
                                                               Let Her Go // Jasmine Thompson (Cover) {Listen to it here}
                                                  Say Something // Victoria Justice (Cover) {Listen to it here}
                                                 Almost Is Never Enough // Ariana Grande {Listen to it here}
                                                             Glory and Gore // Lorde {Listen to it here}

I was supposed to upload this playlist in 8tracks but it won't let me upload it :( hehehe enjoy! 

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  1. This is so cute! Hope you don't mind if I can grab this photo and do the "Fanmix Yourself" challenge too! Don't worry, I'll give credit. I hope to collab and work with you soon too. :) Thanks for joining my site! :D


    1. Hi Sammie! Thank you haha, go ahead :) I'll listen to it once you post/upload it. I look forward to that! You're welcome! You have a lovely blog :) x