Diary of A Fangirl: Before You Exit

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When I heard that Before You Exit is coming back to Manila I told myself I needed too see them in the flesh. I obviously had no chance of going to their concert (transportation probs grrr) so I decided to go to their meet and greet instead haha. Sadly, I'm not one of the lucky ones :( I didn't have the chance to meet them, hug them and have photo with them but at least I got the chance to see them! When it was our turn to enter the allotted space we had to buy some merch before we enter. We were not informed that we had to buy a shirt that costs 1000 pesos :----) the lady kept telling us that we needed to buy that in order to enter, she kept telling us that there were no more merch available blach blah. The people behind me were also upset since we were not told about it. Good thing there was someone there (from the production staff I think) who told me that we had another option. We can go to the Tokidoki booth and present to them that we bought some of their items. Since it was cheaper we decided to buy there stuff instead. So someone from the booth told us to just go to the Tokidoki booth, buy some of their stuff, go back and present to them the receipt. Things got a bit messy after that, the lady manning the booth won't allow us to pay for the goods we bought yet, good thing we saw one of the production staff and told him what they told us at the Astroplus booth. Moments later a lady arrived us saving us from our misery (yes, I am not exaggerating). My friends and I owe her a lot, because of her the lady manning the Tokidoki booth gave us pass we need in order to enter (yay). [Behind me were some fresh HS graduates, they were really kind and funny hahaha. It was nice to fangirl with them too. One of them told me that they still had stock of the posters put decided not to sell it wtf HAHAHAHA. They were kinda upset that they had to buy the shirts (because they were forced to buy some shirts because the lady manning the merch started doing her stuff haha) they told us that we were lucky that they allowed us to go to the Tokidoki booth and just buy stuff from there haha]
Hands down to Astroplus (or SM hahaha) for planning the quickest meet and greet ever! Just seeing them made me happy!! Me and my friends decided to make signs so we decided to run to the supermarket, buy some illustration boards and head back to the Block. The staff that assisted us (in entering the allotted space) was super nice! (I find them super cool hehehe)

My meme like face and my fail banner HAHA
Fast forward, the boys have arrived!! They looked shocked when they saw how many people went to see them :(((( their faces were obviously in awe, especially Connor! I made another sign which said "I like you" (corny I know HAHA) and I started pointing at Toby, he saw me pointing at him. He smiled at me and gave me a little wave. I swear to god I thought I just died hahaha :((((( I decided to give the "I like you" sign a rest and decided to use the "Can I have a hug?" This time it was Riley who turned to our direction, just like Toby he gave us a smile and a wave. Me and Ange were trying to get Connor's attention so I suggested that we try to do the peace thingy that Katniss did during the Hunger Games (I forgot what its called :( hahaha) he smiled at us and waved at us :(((((((((( My life was almost complete.
Toby, Riley and Connor OHMYGODDDDD 

When I got home from SM North I decided to make a list of things to remember/do the next time I attend an event like that :-)

1. Go early! - They announced that they will be start selling the cds/posters at 10 am but when I arrived (at around 9:15-9:30) there was already a long long line (yep, I arrived a bit late). The next time they'll have a meet and greet I'll go at the place an hour/2 hours/3 hours before they start selling. The Earlier, the better! 

2. Be patient - It will be worth it :-) trust me. 

3. Be polite/ Don't forget your manners - No matter how frustrated you are always remember to stay calm, especially when you're talking to people who are part of the production :-) always use sir or ma'am :-) you can even meet people you can be friends/fangirl/fanboy with :-)

4. ALWAYS bring extra cash - For merch & food. 

5. Have fun! HAHAHA fangirl all you can! 

My fangirling was caught on cam HAHAHA no shame. All for BYE!!! (I'm the one at the right haha)

P.S: In case you're not familiar with Tokidoki here it is :-) hahaha. I find it a bit kawaii :-) You can read about it here :-) 

P.S: If you're not that familiar with Before You Exit (or BYE for short) hahaha please visit youtube, watch/listen to their songs & covers :-) they're amazing!! 

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