Product Review // Swap Watch

Monday, April 14, 2014

I've been eyeing on Tomato's Swap Watch ever since it started. It caught my eye because they got some famous volleyball players like Michele Gumabao, Rachel Daquis, Fille Cainglet and Alyssa Valdez to promote their product and the designs were really colorful and eye-catching. I've always wanted one but since my watch was still working I decided to just admire it from afar (drama hits haha).
Fast froward to a year later, I needed to find and buy a new one because the strap started to give up (it was hard to find a place that will be able to replace the strap). Once again I stumbled into the website of Tomato, specifically the page for the Swap Watches. It's been a while since I saw the site again so I was surprised to see that they had new designs and collections. Their latest collection is the Glow Collection, wherein the face and strap are both glow in the dark. The starter kit includes 1 face and 2 straps. You are given the option to choose between the glow in the dark straps, glitter straps or a mix of both.

It looks so perf with the black and magenta strap <3 

I decided to get the maroon glitter strap and black glitter strap because I find it easier to pair it up with my outfits since the colors are dark. The watch is kinda heavy (maybe I just got used to the weight of my old watch or the fact that it's been a long time since I last wore a watch haha). It is a bit cheaper than the other brands but I assure that the quality of the product is just the same. I read in their website that it is waterproof, {but you can't use it when you swim in saltwater} the expected length of the battery life of the watch is 2 years, which is quite nice since that way I wouldn't have to make frequent trips to repair stores or different branches of Tomato just to buy battery. The watch has a one year warranty which covers the mechanical aspect and the battery of the watch, you just have the receipt of the watch. It would have been better if there were more choices for the straps of the Glow collection. Overall, the product is perfect. The Glow collection is available for only 1,300 pesos only. There are other collections that costs much cheaper than the Glow collection, the cheapest one is at around 1,000 pesos only. You can go check out their other products/collections here

PS: Have you guys seen Lorde's set at Coachella? Ohmygod, she is amazing. It made made me (kinda) emotional and it made me love her even more. If you haven't watched it then I suggest you listen/watch it right now! I can't wait for Lana Del Rey's, the 1975's, Zedd's, and Ellie Goulding's sets!

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