Book Review | Culture Shock! (Philippines)!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

 I spent a day in my mom's office, specifically in the library. This book entitled "Culture Shock! (Philippines)" explains the customs and etiquette her in our country. The book gives a very accurate and detailed description about the different aspects of a filipino. The book explains topics like hiya (to the elders), the different festivals and events in the country and why filipinos act in certain situations. 

One of the things that made me giggle because it's so true :( HAHA

They explained why filipinos give pabaon to their close friends who attended the event they hosted. It also explained how filipinos deal with the different events like the baptism of a child, a birthday party, and even funerals. The book even talks about the dress code for the different events! While I was reading the book, I can't help but smile or giggle at how accurate the discriptions in the book were. The book is available at their library in order to help the foreign officials of the office to furthur understand the nature of filipinos. You can check more about this amazing book here. :) 

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