Week Recap x vol 1

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Okay... It's been a week since I last posted. This week was really stressful/tiring (blame school). Anyway, I'm gonna share to you the things that made me happy or smile this week. 

1) I received a bunch of hearts from my classmates! We had this school activity where you give paper hearts to certain people. When you give someone a heart, it means you care for them/love them/always there for them. I got a few hearts, and a lot of hugs (because some of us, including me didn't have enough hearts HAHAHA) 

2) I got autographs from some of the Ateneo Lady Eagles!! I'm a big fan of the UAAP women's volleyball (DLSU Lady Spikers wooooo). A friend of mine has a connection there (you know who you are hihihi) sobrang kinilig ako

3) I am finally done with my social studies monologue!! 

4) Valentine's day!! Woooo I received a few roses, a valentine's day card (the one you see on Twitter), and a lot of hugs. Thank you friends!! Love you all hihihi.

5) I finally got the chance to watch UAAP women's volleyball live! It's only my second time and OHMYGOD I am so happy that I finally watched a game lived again. I met some student-athletes from DLSU!! Namely Rochelle Sison (DLSU Lady Spikers' former libero), Kib Montalbo and Robert Bolick (both from the DLSU Green Archers) and I also got the chance to meet Mika Reyes' younger brother Miko! (isa siya sa mga crush ko HAHAHAHA) I'll be making a separate blog post about this. 

One of the boys: with Kib Montalbo, Robert Bolick & Miko Reyes

with Rochelle Sison! 

I'll probably be using these photos again when I blog about this happy day HAHAHA till my next post! 

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