The Sunday Currently x vol 3

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wow, It's been a long time since I last did a Sunday Currently post 

Reading: Nothing as of the moment! I just finished reading Noli me Tangere. There were some parts that I found really boring but the story itself was really nice! My fave characters were Sisa, Donya Victorina & Consolacion, and Ibarra. 

Writing: This blog post and decorating my planner HAHAHA

Listening: To the radio right now!! Magic 89,9 I requested Ina Ongsiako to play She's So mean (by Matchbox Twenty) and she did!! Ohmygod I'm so happy right now AAAAHHHHHH. 

Thinking: What shall I do after I do this post. I'm also thinking what I should wear for the dinner tonight with some of our family friends. 

Smelling: The scent of chocolate, I love it hahaha

Wishing: For a nice and productive week 

Hoping: That I finish all my requirements by tonight. I don't wanna cram tomorrow :( 

Wearing: My PJs! Sunday morning laziness zzz

Loving: Our Class Pet! Ducky Momo is so nice gaaah I love that duckling.

Wanting: Some peace and quiet, new clothes and good grades HOLAAAA

Feeling: Happy????

Clicking: Different youtube tutorial videos for Fondants. We're gonna bake a cake for our TLE class and I'm in charge of the designs :) 

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