Restaurant Review: Go-en

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The quiet and cozy atmosphere of the place is one of the main reasons why I loved dining there. 

(They had a shelf full of Manga books!)

(Some of the Manga books they own) 

My mom is a big fan of Ramen. I think we've tried out 3 different restaurants (just this year) just to know how good their ramen is. 

The staff of Go-en was very nice and accommodating. 

The dish above is called Tsukemen. The different ingredients of the ramen are separated and it is up to you to mix it.

To be perfectly honest, I forgot what this dish is called lol. But I remember it tasted like curry and the chicken tasted like the chickenjoy from Jollibee. It was kinda spicy (I'm not a big fan of spicy food) but nonetheless it was good! 

And I had dessert at my favorite milk tea shop... Moonleaf! It's been quite a while since I last visited a Moonleaf branch. The one near our school closed down (boo!) and the other Moonleaf branches are kinda far from my place. I ordered a strawberry heart shaped macaron and a Wintermelon Tea (part of the basic menu). What I like about Moonleaf is that they're drinks and food are cheap but they're good! 

Moonleaf is just beside Go-en, that way you wouldn't miss it. Hope you can drop by and taste the amazing ramens at Go-en and the delicious milk teas & desserts from Moonleaf! 

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