Playlist of the month : January ♡

Sunday, February 02, 2014

This post is a bit overdue. I was supposed to make a playlist at 8tracks but for some reason, when I upload the tracks it will have an alert and say there is an error in uploading the track. 

Anyway, these are the songs that I've been listening to for the past month! 

1) Midnight Memories (from One Direction's latest album, Midnight Memories) - One Direction recently released the music video for this song recently. Ever since the album came out, I've been listening to this song over and over again. (along with Little Black Dress)

2) Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (From the OST of Frozen) - Probably one of the most played  song of the month. Ever since Frozen came out, people have been crazy about it. How could resist young Elsa and Anna's voices? 

3) Love is an Open Door (from the OST of Frozen) - My second favorite from the Frozen OST. Listen to Chelsea Ronquillio's cover at Soundcloud. (Her cover of Everything Has Changed and Give Me Love is beautiful! ♡) 

4) A Drop in the Ocean (by Ron Pope and the District) - I just live the lyrics of this song! It gave me some ideas for fanfics/paintings and some thoughts.

5) Once Upon a Dream (from the Maleficent official trailer, covered by Lana Del Rey) - Lana Del Rey is the bomb!! Her cover of this song gave me the chills. If you remember listening to the happier version of this song (from Disney's production of Aurora) the somehow scary/creepy cover will give you the goosebumps! No doubt, this cover is simply amazing ♡

6) Ain't It Fun (by Paramore) - I've always been a big fan of Paramore. Their recent album is incredible, no doubt about that. They recently released the music video for Ain't It Fun and I suggest you check it out! 
7) All Too Well (by Taylor Swift, from her album Red) - A lot of head banging are involved (If you've watched her performance during the Grammy's you'll understand, but she was amazing!)

8) Teenage Dirtbag cover (by One Direction) - The first time I heard this I was immediatly captivated (naks gumaganon) but since the audio was barely audible the only line I saw was "I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby" but since the studio version of it was released I've been listening to it and now, I've been singing along (finally!

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