Happiness, Realization and Lessons in a week

Saturday, February 08, 2014

February 3-7, 2014 is probably my fave week of the year (so far). we had our college orientation, vocational talk, baking and a tons of school activities. During this week I learned a lot, Realized a lot and for some time became happy. The little things that made me happy, the lessons and the realizations I was able to know/learn this week gave will help me become a better person in the future (hopefully) and the little things that will make me want to back to this part of my life 

1) (for the first time in forever) I won a blog giveaway!! 

My dear friend/favorite blogger did a giveaway (for like two weeks). I'm not a big fan of joining giveaways because I think I don't have a chance of winning. I joined the giveaway because the prizes were very cute! I'm a big fan of washi tapes/paper tapes, it's one of the reasons why I joined the it. When the result came out, Jen and I were laughing so hard because she didn't expect that I was gonna win since I only entered a few entries, same goes for me HAHAHA. 

(Here are the prizes I won: Heart paperclip, 2 rolls of washi tape and a pink lacet; not in the photo: Kidada wrap)

(She has another giveaway and it is currently ongoing! You can check it out here! http://mikaellaasoy.weebly.com/giveaways.html)

Thank you to Jen and Stuff Avenue for the prize! (You can check out Stuff Avenue at www.instagram.com/stuffavenue)

2) College Orientation! 

12 universities/colleges (UP, DLSU, ADMU, UST, Assumption College, St. Paul University QC, San Beda College, UE, Adamson University, DLS-CSB, and FEU) decided to drop by our school and explain to us the courses they offer, scholarships, admissions, about their school and a whole lot more. They explained to us the history of the school, the accreditations they receive and all of those. My favorite schools were DLSU (dream school whoop!) and DLS-CSB. DLS-CSB's representative was so funny and amazing. The whole batch had fun during their orientation. He presented this cartoon (that was made by some animation students from CSB) about a kid who was scared of going to the doctor because he was going to have a vaccine shot, it was so funny! Some facts that I learned while listening to his talk: CSB owns a hotel where the students can work at so that they will be able to know what it feels like working in a real hotel (I think it's gonna open sometime this year), CSB is the only school where you can drink during class hours lol (There is this specific course where you will be able to do that (It's related to bartending) but don't worry the teachers will be there to supervise you, they'll make sure that you won't get too drunk. You'll be quite tipsy tho. The moment you pass their entrance test, your high school grades won't matter anymore, you're in! The tuition fee at CSB is pretty expensive (60 thousand up to 80 something) but don't worry there are a lot of scholarships that the school offers, especially to deserving students and talented people.

3) Pie Baking!

After a few weeks of having a bit messed class schedule, we finally had the chance to bake once again. But this time we made pies! We made Chicken Pot Pie to be exact and it was absolutely good. It was our first time to bake pie, and to be perfectly honest the pie wasn't that bad. In a few weeks we'll be baking cakes! It's my first time to bake a cake (we didn't own an oven at home lol) and I am so excited to bake one! 

4) Learn to be sensitive

There are times when I can be insensitive, but at least I have the guts to admit that I can be a huge pain in the ass unlike some other people. I say sorry too lol. But if you don't have the guts to admit that you were insensitive and didn't have the balls to say sorry. Well I think it's for the best if you just shut up. :----) 

5) People will leave you and there is nothing you can do about it

I hate seeing people leave. When I was younger it didn't bother me, at all. But as I started to grow older, just the thought of the people I love/care/like leaving me makes me so sad. Yeah sure you'll miss them, but the best thing to do is to be happy for them. Them seeing you sad will also make them sad. The least you can do is to make the time you spend with them, memorable and worth it. Who knows, maybe they'll change their mind. 

6) I admire people who are willing to take BIG risks

Taking a risk is hard, what more if it is a BIG risk. Sure they're scared of what the outcome is gonna be but they're willing to risk it. The bigger the risk, the bigger the prize. These people are brave enough to do it. They are dauntless. 

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