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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Saturday I had the chance to watch the UAAP women's volleyball! I'm a big fan and it's been a while since I last watched the game live. The best thing about watching live is that you can cheer out loud, and you'll be able to feel the adreneline of the game. Cheering with the crowd was a lot of fun. Whenever I watch the games (basketball included)  at home the people there tend to get annoyed because I keep cheering out loud. "Lakasan mo pa eh? Baka sakaling marinig ka nila." 

The first game was Adamson vs UST. I'm not really sure which team I would cheer on because I support both teams. I ended up cheering for Adamson, but they didn't win. How sad :-----( while walking around (There were times where I decided to just walk around the place because I couldn't handle the score) I had the chance to meet one of DLSU's former libero Rochelle Sison!! I was surprised that I was kinda calm when I approached her. She was very kimd and patient with me, after taking a photo with her I kinda fangirled after realizing what just happened HAHAHAHA.

With Rochelle Sison! (Former) libero of the DLSU Lady Spikers.

After 2 1/2 hours, it was time for the main event, the De La Salle Lady Spikers vs the National University Lady Bulldogs. Once again the cheerleader (?¿?¿) in me began cheering for the ladies in green (ANIMO LA SALLE!), in the end the Lady Spikers won sweeping the eliminations round and getting the thrice to beat advantage. They're off to the finals! YAAAAY! 

After the game, me and my friends decided to just chill around first. The game just ended and people were flooding the exit doors. One of the lessons I learned from the first time I watched live is that stay where you are first. You might be able to see some famous faces. I met Mika Reyes because of that tip (March 6, 2013 she was so kind and pretty and all. Sorry for fangirling hihihi) I was able to see Paneng Mercado, one of DLSU's former volleyball players. She was so pretty! Too bad I didn't have the chance to go near her because she was down in the VIP Area :---(

After a few minutes of hanging out inside, we decided to go out since there were only a few people left. (Here comes the fangirling part) I got to met Miko Reyes, Mika Reyes' adorable younger brother. He was so friendly and cute. We got to meet 2 of the DLSU Green Archers (DLSU's basketball team, they're champions of the UAAP and the best in the country) Kib Monatalbo and Robert Bolick. I can't believe that I was so calm when I asked them to sign my planner and have a photo with them. They were really nice and friendly and they were patiently answering the questions of the fans.

One of the boys: with Kib Montalbo, Robert Bolick and Miko Reyes! 

What's in my bag? 

Don't mind my feet and messy things below lol 

These are some of the things that I would never leave whenever I'm gonna watch a game live.

1) Extra camera lens - Although this is a bit hassle, it can be worth it. You would be able to take photos of the players even though your place is a bit far. 

2) Cellphone - for texting, calling & fangirling.

3) iPod touch - for taking selfies, videos and creating blog posts! I usually use the blogger app because using the laptop is such a hassle.

4) Ticket - your key to the best part of the day. 

5) Planner & pen - This is probably the most useful thing in my bag (along with my ticket and planner) planner for autographs and the you can bring a pen for them to use! * DO NOT EVER FORGET THIS * 
6) Wallet - for your money (yung ipon mo para makabili ng merch)

- I'll be posting some of the photos I took in my photo blog soon! -

Long overdue blog post (supposed to post it last week but school and requirements ugh) 
PS: I just finished reading Noli Me Tangere!! I was able to finish all the chapters in 2 days hehehe

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