February Playlist

Saturday, March 01, 2014

February is over and finals are fast approaching. Here is a list of the songs I listened to for the month of hearts!

• She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS- I've been singing this song since last week (LSS alert oops) and watching the mv of this song made me love it more! 

• Heartbreak Girl by 5SOS- Another song by the amazing 5SOS! I've also been listening to some covers they made. 

• She's so Mean by Matchbox Twenty- I still can't get over the fact that Ina Ongsiako played my request. AAAAH so much feels ♡

• Let Her Go by Passenger- One of the tracks I listen to while doing my homeworks. A nice track for a calm and quiet night. 

• All About You by Birdy- Birdy is an amazing singer. Her songs are perfect and I love listening to her whenever I have a chance. 

• Skinny Love cover by Birdy- Probably my all time fave cover. This song is always included in whatever playlist I make (emo hits, senti songs and all HAHAHA) 

• Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran- Perfect, enough said ♡

• Music of the Night by Ramin Karimloo/ Jonathan Roxmouth- Phantom of the Opera is my fave musical ever. I got the opportunity to watch this amazing musical (thanks Mom & Dad!) It's been a year since I watched it and the songs are still stuck in my head. The ending of the musical never fails to give me mixed emotions, I love how calm this song is. Perfect as a lullaby, senti song, sad song and all ♡

•  You and I by One Direction- A (kinda) slow song by the amazing boy band from London. The first time I heard this song their voices gave me goosebumps, especially Harry's part during the chorus. I'd love to write a oneshot or short story about this song ♡

• Happily by One Direction- I love listening to the studio & album version. This is song is part of my happy playlist, the playlist I listen too whenever I need to cheer myself up.

• (One of Those) Crazy Girls by Paramore- The song reminds me a lot of our dance production during freshman year. This is one of my fave tracks from their self entitled album. ♡

• A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope and The District- I find the song a bit sad. I'd love to do a song analysis of this song sometime this summer. The song is amazing and sad at the same time. 

• Ang Huling El Bimbo by THE Eraserheads- My fave song from the most amazing local band ever!! (Too bad they're already disbanded dayuuum) I don't listen to local bands/singers that much so... Hehehe.

• Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift- I learned to play the guitar when I was in 6th grade but due to being lazy I forgot how. This was one of the songs that I learned how to play. 

• Enchanted by Taylor Swift- This song is amazing, no doubt about that. 

• The Moment I Knew by Taylor Swift- I read about an article about this song saying that this song is for Jake G (I don't how to spell his name HAHAHA but I know how pronounce his name lol) Taylor invited him to attend her birthday but he didn't show up. Taylor was so sad about it she cried in her bathroom the whole night. Ever since I read that article the song made a lot more sense. (I found the article at radar.com hahaha) 

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