College fair / Parent-Daughter Consultation

Saturday, February 01, 2014

We had a parent/daughter bonding activity and college fair at school today! We had to wake up really early to go to school. I'm not a big fan of the parent-daughter bonding activities the guidance area of our school organizes (every year), me and my mom end up laughing at how cheesy the whole thing is HAHAHA. This year's activity was a bit different because instead of focusing on how to strenghten the bond of Parent-Daughter they decided to focus on college (yaaaay!). Our school invited a speaker who explained to us how important the role of the parents are in choosing a course for college. She also told us a few sad & happy stories about her students. It was nice listening to her, but it was also a bit stressful. She kept emphazing about our academics (according to her Chemistry and Geometry grades matter, A LOT) and habits that might give us a hard time when we take the CETs next school year.

What I was really looking forward to was the main event, the college fair! Our school, invited 20 colleges/universities to hand out brochures about the different schools. The top 3 universities of the Philippines were there  (for some unknown reason UP wasn't there). Other schools like FEU, Adamson, Enderun, St. Scholastica College and SOFA were also present. The moment they officially started the college fair everyone was running to the booth nearest them and just asking for a brochure lol. Parang Hunger Games ang naging peg lol. The brochures of the different schools were really nice, my favorite was the one from DLS-CSB. It came in a cute little box.

Also one of my faves is the sticker SOFA gave out, along with the flyer (where the courses they offered were written) 

Later this week representatives from 12 universities/colleges (out of 20) will come to our school and present to us the courses, their school and why we should study to that school. I'm kinda excited since I'm really interested to learn about the other universities. 

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