The Sunday Currently • January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I didn't do a Sunday Currently post last week because I was busy and nothing (worth blogging) happened

Reading • different blogs! I'm reading posts new/old posts from my favorite bloggers. I'm having a nice time reading new blogs. 

Writing • in my planner (and kinda designing it) many good/bad things happened to me last week. I'm also writing notes for my happy jar hihihi. 

Listening • the acoustic version of One Direction's song Happily! It made me appreciate/love the song more! ❤️ You can listen to it here:

Thinking • as much as possible I try not to think about school. It makes me sad :---( 

Smelling • vanilla cinnamon hehehe. I love the smell of it.

Wishing • to have a better week. (sigh) 

Hoping • my dog will be alright. I think she got sick because of the cold weather :(

Wearing • a hoodie and my fave pair of nike shorts. The weather is so cold right now! 

Loving • my friends (hi twm + II1) and my classmates HAHAHA hi III5! 

Wanting • an instax & a new laptop. The one I'm using right now is really old and not functioning that well (hehehe) I've always wanted an instax since the summer before my junior year.

Needing • time, a lot of it. 

Feeling • happy & kilig! I'm trying to fix this blog right now because I want to gain more readers HAHAHAHA I have a goal to reach. The moment I reach that goal I have a plan of having a giveaway. 

Clicking • different videos of Aria Clemente, I love her covers! They are amazing! 

What are you doing today? :)

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