Restaurant Review: The Soya Bar

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Soya Bar branch in Centris is one of my fave hangout spots. The quiet and somehow home-y feel of the place makes me feel relaxed. When I visit, I make sure to order their taho or their nachos! Their taho is like the taho that the taho vendors sell every morning, but the servings they serve are bigger and they use pearls (yup, pearls. The black thingys when yiu drink milk tea). They taste less sweeter than the taho they sell on the streets, but hey they're both delicious! Their Nachos are delicious! I swear, I try to limit myself to order only one serving for myself but I tend to order more since they're delicious! Sabi nga nila, Masarap ang bawal. I haven't tried all their dishes yet, but one thing's for sure. All their dishes are healthy! 

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