Marikina Bound with the Girls! ❀

Friday, January 31, 2014

After not attending school for 3 days (thank you asthma) my parents finally allowed me to go back to school! After a few debates (and a few 'almost' fights) they allowed me to go to school! It's our exposure trip, I wouldn't want to miss it. The exposure trip is one of the things I was looking forward to this month (I was supposed to watch Wicked later that day but my mom didn't allow me because I was still "sick" sigh) I arrived at school at around 6:30 am because we were told that we were gonna leave at around quarter to 7 but we ended up leaving around 7:15 HAHAHA. We went to this old restored house where the teachers oriented us what we were gonna do and where we will go. 
(A beautiful chandelier from the place where we were oriented)

(The view from the place, it kinda reminds me of our province)

From there we went to the shoe factory. The staff were very accommodating and welcoming. There we were given snacks (hehehe thank you!) and told us about their company. From there we were toured around the company. We were also able to experience using the machines (thanks to the workers!) It was really fun touring the place and talking to the workers. 

(One of the products they made... Combat boots!)

(Boots! HAHAHA) 

From the factory, we went to the Marikina Shoe museum. I can't seem to find the right words to describe how amazing the place is. It was a bit small but the shoes on display are BEAUTIFUL. 800 pairs of heels (out of 3000 pairs) (all from THE IMELDA MARCOS' collection) were there! I don't wear heels but damn... The ones on display were so nice it made me want to buy my own pair lol I'll stick to shoes/flats instead. There was also a beautiful/magnificent painting of a younger Imelda Marcos displayed there. The photo I took doesn't justify how magnificent it is. I didn't see the signature of the artist (or maybe I just missed it) hands down to you! 

The trip to Marikina was kinda tiring (maybe it was because I was still sick) but it was all worth it! It made me (in a way) appreciate shoes more, my country (naks) and the effort people put into just to make every product nice. 

Happy chinese new year guys! HAHAHA hope you enjoy the tikoy! 
More photos here:

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