KASAMAHAN CB | January 17, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

First of all let me explain to you what KASAMAHAN is. KASAMAHAN is an activity in our school where we go out and go to different communities with our kasamahan groups. The goal of the activity is to be able to interact with our less fortunate brothers and sisters. When I was in first year I had a chance to interact with kids at an orphanage, when I was in second year we had a feeding program for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This year we taught a bunch of kiddos who study in a nearby public school how to play badminton. I always have fun whenever we have Community based sessions because we get to play with kids. But by the end of the activity I get really really tired because the kids we usually interact with are really active. 

The last time we had a community based session (which was sometime last year) was hard because the place where we decided to interact with them was small, so this time we decided to bring them to our school. We expected that around 30+ students will come but we were surprised when there were about 40+ of them came, we had to adjust so that all the kids will be able to get food and prizes. 

Since I was part of the badminton KASAMAHAN our group had to organize games that were somehow connected to badminton. The kids had really fun playing and their determination to win this game was too cute. After playing a few rounds of this game, they played a different game and before they knew it was time for their snack! We bought them a burger from Jollibee and while they were lining up I had short convos with them. 

After the short break we told them that it was time to give out the prizes for the winners. We divided the prizes so that all of them would be able to receive something. We gave out some notebooks, diy thingies, candies & stressballs. The faces of the kids were priceless when they received their prizes.

 While we waited for the bus to take them back to their school me and my batchmates decided to play pick and split which became a little intense. The first one to give up loses and so this happened.... 
After that we decided to play Basketball which was pretty intense. I improved a lot! HAHAHA I use to hate basketball because I didn't know how to shoot, but know I'm able to shoot (yaaaay). After that our moderator sir Valencia decided that we should have a few games. The team with the most number of points win. To cut a long story short, the 3 teams had the same score so we had to play a tie breaker. The tie breaker game was a lot of fun. (It's kinda difficult to explain sorry!) It was kinda hard to play at first but with the right plan we we're able to win. We won ice cream & a university baller! (Yaaaay) after that sir decided to give us a break. 
Me, along with Carmel & Megan decided to go to the lawn and just chill there. We had a mini photoshoot. 
(Carmel the tumblr girl naks) after that we discovered that our school finally had vendo machines! YAAAAY HAHAHAHA. 
Me with some of the seniors, juniors & sir Valencia!

Since we had to do a scrapbook me and my groupmates decided to have a mini photoshoot so that we'll have some photos as a group. 
Here are some of my fave photos :)
We all look fab hahaha. And of course the greatest of them all.... JUMP SHOTS!! 

This is the last KASAMAHAN CB session of the year and it was the best! We played basketball, volleyball, and a little badminton. I'll miss being sporty and chill with them HAHAHA. 

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