Review: Slate 2014 planner

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Still undecided which planner to get for 2014? Well... Let me introduce to you the Slate 2014 planner! Here are some of the features I liked/loved about the planner! 

• don't let the plain cover fool you! The inside of the planner is gorgeous! 

• the space for each date is kinda big. That way you'll have enough space for your doodles/reminders/notes 

• at the back of the planner there are a bunch of pages where you can just doodle freely

• it features the works of different photographers & artists! (The artworks & photos were amazing, I swear) 

• there is a back pocket! HAHAHAHA I found it really handy! 

• ((((It is way cheaper than the sbucks planner hahaha. I wanted the sbucks planner first but I got lazy collecting the stickers))))

The planner costs about 600 pesos only. I swear it is worth it!  

If you the Slate Planner you can buy the Filed planner instead. You can fill it with your doodles. It is a bit smaller than Slate and it includes a pen holder! Check it out on their website ( ) I hope this helps you (in a way) in choosing a planner for 2014! Happy Holidays! Xx

P.S: I posted some photos of my planner at my photo blog ( you can also out their website 

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